FlexSim Express

The best way to experience the world’s best simulation software? Try it for yourself!

FlexSim Express is available for anybody to use. It’s 100% free, and it still packs enough features to allow you to model a small facility and simulate it as many times as you’d like. There are no time restrictions either, so feel free to use and evaluate FlexSim for as long as you’d like.

Anyone up for saving some time and money? FlexSim has you covered, helping you recreate any real-life process in a 3D computer model — and using that model to simulate hours, days, and even weeks of time in just seconds. You can learn more about your process and even identify areas for improvement. Easily make adjustments, test them without the risks and costs of physical experimentation, and reap the benefits of process improvement.

Get your free copy of FlexSim Express today, and see what simulation can do for your business.

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Who uses FlexSim?

Any company in any industry can save time and money with FlexSim. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders worldwide have used FlexSim for their simulation needs. Why don’t you?


Why FlexSim?

The right tool.

You don’t drive a nail with a screw driver, and you don’t use a spreadsheet to simulate a process.

Remove waste.

By analyzing a system in a well-made simulation model, you are given access to relevant data that will aid in discovering and removing waste.

Increase revenue.

Simulation allows you to tweak and test important facets of your business to determine which changes will optimize your system and increase revenue.

Sell ideas.

Advanced 3D graphics can help management or clients visualize the environment and buy into a new system or a proposed change.

FlexSim is perfect for…

  • Manufacturing

  • Material Handling

  • Warehousing

  • Mining

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